Toeside Front Roll and Scarecrow

The Toeside Front Roll, and Scarecrow are very similar to each other, if you learn one it will be very easy to learn the other. The Front Roll is no different to a perfect front flip that you would do on a trampoline, and on the Scarecrow, you just add a 180 to the end.


Before attempting either of these tricks, you should master toeside wake jumps and toeside 180’s. You also should be able to land toeside 180’s with the handle close to your hips, and land them in the flats.

Edging In

Start about 20 feet away from the wake and edge like a normal toeside jump. The only difference is, as you begin to edge up the wake, stand tall and back off your edge immediately before throwing the trick. If you keep a hard edge through the top of the wake on these tricks, your board tends to stick to the wake and you won’t get any air.

Throwing the Front Roll

At the top of the wake, throw your head straight down toward the center of your board. Hold the handle with both hands as you throw the trick, and let go with your back hand as you come out of it.

Throwing the Scarecrow

At the top of the wake, throw your head and back shoulder down and toward your front foot to initiate the 180 rotation. Hold on with both hands through the entire trick. Half way through the rotation, pull the handle toward your hip that will be in front when you land to help rotate the 180.

Trouble shooting

Most people tend to bring the handle up or over their head when learning these tricks, which slows down the rotation and makes it hard to land. Concentrate on keeping the handle low and close to your hips.

Whether throwing these tricks on a trampoline, or edging up the wake, they both start the same way.

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