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How to Get Sponsored

So you want to get sponsored for wakeboarding? You want to get free boards, boats, and be able to do the sport you love everyday? Getting sponsored isn’t too complicated; it just takes a lot of drive, determination, salesmanship, and time on the water. Here are some ways to make it happen.

Breaking Through a Plateau

Unfortunately progression doesn’t always come easy in wakeboarding. Like most sports, the learning curve is really fast at first, and starts flattening out over time. If your skill level is stuck on a plateau, there are some simple drills and habits that will help you break through and progress year after year.

Toeside Backroll & TS Roll-to-Revert

The Toeside Back roll, and TS Roll to Revert are two more tricks that are very similar to each other, if you learn the TS Back Roll, it will be very easy to take it to revert. The TS Back roll is no different than a perfect back flip that you would do on a trampoline, and on the TS Roll to Revert, you simply hold on with both hands through the flip and the 180 part of the trick rotates with little effort.

Is a Bigger Wake Better?

A few months ago I rode the biggest wake of my life. It was a fully weighted down Nautique 230, with about 10 people in the boat along for the ride. I had a great time behind the boat, and stayed along to watch others take their turn. A few of the next riders were beginner to intermediate’s, and I noticed they had a pretty difficult time landing the tricks they would normally land on a smaller wake. This made me think about the misconception in wakeboarding that a bigger wake is always going to be better.

Learning the Air Raley

Whenever I suggest a student to try a Raley, the answer I typically get is “No way man!” It’s not as hard to learn as you might think; there are 3 steps that will make learning this trick much easier.

Coaching Fundamentals

Would you like to gain skills in training others, as well as your self, in learning how to progress quickly in wakeboarding? The focus of this article is on the process of learning and teaching a new trick. Discussed are four coaching concepts that will make you a better wakeboard coach.

Edging Techniques

One of the keys to becoming an advanced wake boarder is the ability to create the proper edge to the wake. There are 3 basic styles of edging that you should practice, and be able to call upon for different types of tricks.